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Public Lecture Program

The monthly public lecture program is the most popular public event of ICOMOS Sri Lanka. Topics of the public lectures cover wide range of subjects and themes related to cultural heritage delivered by experts on respective subjects. The lectures were held as physical events at the Post-Graduate Institute of Archaeology, Colombo 07, during the pre-pandemic period, but currently held on-line commencing at 7.00 pm. With the public lectures conducted on-line during the pandemic, we have noticed that there is a dramatic increase of the number of attendees. The on-line lectures also give the opportunity for the members and the public currently residing outside the Island to attend as well as ICOMOS Sri Lanka to arrange lectures by international experts. Usually, the lecture proper will take about one hour and it is followed by a Q & A session of about 20 minutes.

In addition, ICOMOS Sri Lanka also organizes special lectures by eminent professionals and experts related to the subjects of cultural heritage.