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Join us today to protect our heritage

ICOMOS Sri Lanka undertakes many activities related to heritage conservation and management for which the support of volunteers is always welcome.

We also welcome volunteers to assist our secretarial work at the National Secretariat located at the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology and periodic activities such as hosting events such as seminars, workshops etc.

We are in the process of launching a project titled “Heritage for Generations – Cultural Heritage in the Virtual World: Proactive Role of the Youth” to obtain the involvement of the youth in protecting and safeguarding Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage at national, regional and site level with the use of digital platforms. This project will need the involvement of the youth as volunteers, working and residing at different locations of the country to be vigilant and voice their concerns in protecting cultural heritage when it is in under threat due to natural or man-made causes (such as floods, rain, theft, vandalism, development work etc.).

Join today as a volunteer by sending the completed application form.