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Partner Organizations

As a non-profit organization, we rely on institutions in both State and Private Sector to realize our objectives. Both State and Private Sector institutions are most welcome to work in partnership with ICOMOS Sri Lanka to conserve and manage Sri Lanka’s diverse cultural heritage.

Please do contact our National Secretariat (provide link) to initiate discussions to establish partnerships.

Some of the institutions that remain as major partners in our journey for the last four (04) decades are:

Department of Archaeology

Being the state institution administering the Antiquities Ordinance, the Department of Archaeology is Sri Lanka’s prime heritage management body. In the past, it has offered ICOMOS Sri Lanka funding assistance to undertake several projects, workshops, seminars organized by us, and continue to be one of the leading partner to implement our activities.

Central Cultural Fund

Established as a state sector corporation under an act of Parliament, the Central Cultural Fund was the primary partner during the formative period of ICOMOS Sri Lanka, by providing numerous funding assistance to carry out our activities, particularly during the hosting of the 10th General Assembly in Colombo in 1993. The National Secretariat of ICOMOS Sri Lanka was established at the office premises of the Central Cultural Fund in 1981 and continued to prosper at this location till 1997. The Central Cultural Fund continues to be one of the principal partners in undertaking several projects, seminars, and workshops of ICOMOS Sri Lanka.

Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology

The role of the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR) as a partner organization in implementing the activities and programs of ICOMOS Sri Lanka is immense. The PGIAR current provide office space at its premises to operate the National Secretariat of ICOMOS Sri Lanka since 2008. In addition, it offers the facilities and spaces of its premises to conduct the Council Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Public Lectures, Workshops etc.

The National Trust – Sri Lanka

Set up as a non-governmental organization for the promotion of Sri Lanka’s cultural and natural heritage, the National Trust of Sri Lanka also works very closely with ICOMOS Sri Lanka in realizing the common objectives of both institutions in protecting the cultural heritage. In addition, ICOMOS Sri Lanka’s publications are sold using the National Trust’s network.