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Impact at International Arena

ICOMOS 10th General Assembly
“Archaeological Heritage Management, Cultural Tourism and Conservation Economics”:
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1993

From 1980’s ICOMOS Sri Lanka was an active membership institution, whose contribution is felt at the international front. Late Dr. Roland Silva, the founding President of ICOMOS Sri Lanka, made the presence of the National Committee at all ICOMOS General Assemblies since early 1980s.  At the General Assembly of the World Body in 1984, ICOMOS Sri Lanka initiated one of the boldest resolutions stating that ‘ICOMOS is an international body and not a Mediterranean Club’ and campaigning strongly to persuade the countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to set up national committees to make it truly a world body. Late Dr. Roland Siva was elected as one of the Vice Presidents at the International Body of ICOMOS from 1987 to 1990. His expertise in and contribution to the field were recognized by ICOMOS International by electing him as its International President (the first non-European to hold this position since its creation in 1965) for three consecutive terms from 1990 to 1999. 

One of the great achievements of ICOMOS Sri Lanka was the successful hosting of 10th General Assembly of ICOMOS in Colombo in 1993, which was the first time that the General Assembly has moved out of Europe. During 1990’s, ICOMOS Sri Lanka was influential in shaping the policies and programs of ICOMOS International and to popularize ICOMOS in the countries of the Asian, African and Latin American countries, resulting the number of Members and National Committees of the ICOMOS Network of those countries dramatically increased at the turn of the 21st century. Members of the ICOMOS Sri Lanka have engaged in a variety of international activities through its Scientific Committees and World Heritage Activities. Prof. Nimal de Silva Chaired the International Scientific Committee on Paintings while Dr. Gamini Wijesuriya acted as Secretary (1993-1999) and Vice President (2001-2017) of the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management. Dr. Gamini Wijesuriya also acted as an Executive Member of the ICOMOS International from 1998-1999.

10th General Assembly, Colombo

10th General Assembly, Colom10th General Assembly, Colombo proceedings, National Committee, ICOMOS 1993