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ICOMOS Sri Lanka expects to carry out the following programs and activities to promote the conservation and management of the cultural heritage of the country.

(a) Provide a forum for discussion and reflection linking policymakers (institutions), practitioners and communities & networks concerned with the aims of the association and ensure their representation with international institutions and organizations;

(b) Establish programs and carry out actions in accordance with the aims and objectives of ICOMOS and taking local needs into account;

(c) Gather, study, and disseminate information concerning principles, and techniques including traditional knowledge systems and policies for the conservation and management of cultural heritage;

(d) Co-operate at national and international levels in the creation and development of documentation centers charged with conservation and management of cultural heritage;

(e) Encourage the adoption and implementation of international conventions, recommendations, and other standard-setting texts concerning conservation and management of cultural heritage as appropriate and relevant;

(f) Co-operate in the preparation of training programs in conservation and management of cultural heritage;

(g) Provide institutional advice and organize training programs;

(h) Manage technical assistance projects related to conservation and management of cultural heritage;

(i) Establish and maintain close co-operation with international organizations such as UNESCO, the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM, Rome), regional centers sponsored by UNESCO, IUCN, and other international or regional institutions, and organizations pursuing similar goals and with national organizations such as the Department of Archaeology, Central Cultural Fund, Department of National Museum, Galle Heritage Foundation, Urban Development Authority, Department of National Physical Planning, National Trust – Sri Lanka, and other national and local institutions and organizations involved with similar goals ;

(j) Serving as an Advisory Body to the Government of Sri Lanka on heritage-related matters as and when requested;

(k) Provide advice on and support the implementation of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, or ‘World Heritage Convention, adopted by UNESCO in 1972 as one of the Advisory Bodies Listed;

(l) Maintain regular links with ICOMOS Secretariat in Paris for providing necessary information, funding, and other logistics;

(m) Linking and promoting national programs for heritage and sustainable development; and

(n) Undertake and carry out research, documentation, conservation, and or provision of expertise services by entering into contracts with the Government or any other organization.